Use process audit checklists with questions on

  • Production and ordering process

  • Change management

  • Supplier competence profile

  • Product design and project management

  • Quality

  • Product management

  • Supplier chain management

  • EHS

  • Audit process

Add questions for example on

  • Riveting, Gluing, Painting,

  • Wiring, Welding, Machining, Assembly

  • Forging, Foundry, Radiography

  • Extrusion, Plating, PCBs

  • PCBA, Seals, Plastics Injection

  • Food safety

Add inspection checklists for quality control

Benefits you should expect

  • Replace Excel and Word with app with interactive guidance for correctness of results

  • Cover all audit requirements effectively.

  • Reduce time spent on audit execution, and reporting up to 50 %

  • Enable preparatory supplier self-audits before your audits

  • Improve accountability with digital signatures and images

  • Automate generation of corrective action summaries

  • Share results with the supplier and get their action plans

  • Real-time visibility and effective follow-up of corrective actions

  • Visualize to gain insights

  • Identify trends and compare performance across sites and suppliers

  • Reduce business risk and cost due to quality issues



Start now with a complete supplier audit solution

We will show a demo of a supplier audit solution. 
We will also configure a free trial account to use an audit app on-site and a cloud service for sharing and reporting the results. 




supplier audit mobile checklist template
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