Daily inspections are the first step of non-conformance tracking and quality assurance in agriculture.

Non-conformance tracking forms the basis of data collection systems and allows accurate analysis of systemic trends.

Challenges of greenhouse and vertical farming inspections

·        Labor and time intensive daily inspections are a must

·        A variety of crop issues need to be identified correctly and quickly.

·        Crop locations can be difficult to record and understand

·        Corrective actions for crop quality are missed completely or implemented too late

·        Analysis of systemic trends is informal or dysfunctional

Smart checklists streamline the quality assurance process

·        Digital lists with predefined selections and bar code scanning speed up reporting

·     Non-conformance locations marked on layouts, maps and floorplans for accuracy

·       Use your own custom maps 

·     Notated images captured to clarify issues and allow detailed analysis

·     Corrective actions immediately notified and carried out with Poimapper tasks

·       Identify systemic trends with customizable charts and reports  

·       Make accurate predictions and pre-empt corrective actions.

Use customisable checklists to effectively:

·          Track pest populations and movements across production areas

·          Analyse germination rates

·          Identify the source of biosecurity breaches

·          Identify the source of light issues

·          Identify irrigation failures

·          Track and analyse the effects of nutrition programs

·          Schedule and track completion of daily operations tasks

Trial smart checklists for your farming inspections

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Mark observations on custom layouts



Define your own charts

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