Challenges of home care QAPI reporting

  • Incomplete or non-existent reporting
  • Time-consuming to produce quarterly and annual summaries
  • Unable to share results with stakeholders
  • Corrective actions are missed, or implementation delayed
  •  Informal analysis of systematic trends

Automate with interactive apps 

  • Replace Word/Excel with mobile forms and interactive guides
  • Ensure complete and error-free data with validation rules 
  • Automate monthly, quarterly and annual summaries per office 
  •  Identify systematic trends with customizable charts and reports  
  • Make accurate predictions and pre-empt corrective actions
  • Quarterly and annual reports automated for each insurance provider 
  • Share interactive reports with all stakeholders

Streamline reporting of

  • Individual concerns/complaints
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Consumer record reviews
  • Clinical record reviews
  • Quality assessments
  • Daily activities
  • Infection surveys
  • Medication error surveys
  • Risk assessments 
  • Competence assessments



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