Start using smart checklists for your inspections



Streamline your inspections with smart solutions

Reduce inspection time up to 30%.

Adapt the inspection based on the specific context using rule-based reasoning.

Easily include images, videos, documents, QR codes, digital signatures and more.

Assign tasks on-site and monitor status of tasks effectively.

Keep templates up-to-date and easy-to-use
With Poimapper it is easy to add new templates and edit existing templates based on changing business needs.

Updates are automatically provided to all mobile devices, thus everyone always have the latest templates in use.

Our user-friendly app will interactively guide users in using the templates without any separate training.

Use our API and automated data transfer
Use open data interfaces to exchange data between Poimapper and other IT systems.

Define triggers to automatically forward the inspection results to other systems.

We will help you to set up a free trial based on your specific inspection needs

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