What is Poimapper and mobile data collection?

Mobile data collection
Poimapper mobile data collection

Mobile Data Collection

Mobile data collection (MDC) = onsite data gathering conducted with a mobile device. Regardless of the data collection purpose, mobile devices allow users to collect richer, higher quality data and share data faster than with pencil and paper.

Key benefits:

  • Collected data can be shared immediately between onsite and offsite employees. There is no need to retype the data from paper to a digital format.
  • Correct values can be ensured using mandatory fields, calculations and default values among other capabilities that mobile forms allow.
  • Images, video, sound and location can be easily added.

One important aspect in mobile data collection is the extraordinary rise of smartphone ownership and internet usage globally.

What is Poimapper?

Poimapper is a solution to collect field data with the help of a mobile device.

Geographical information is often important in data collection. Thus our name Poimapper includes a familiar term for geographical information systems enthusiasts, POI. A point of interest, or POI, is a specific point location that someone may find useful or interesting. Wikipedia

In the Poimapper portal, one of the first features was the ability to monitor and analyze Points of Interest in a map view.

POI mapping is still a key feature of our multipurpose software. Poimapper is a solution that can be customized to the specific needs of an individual organization. We provide tools to build reporting processes, from customized mobile forms to user roles.

After years of development the solution is more of a data gathering system in a broader sense instead of a mapping tool. In some of our cases geographical data might not be relevant at all and collected data is analyzed in data sheets and charts.

Should you see a need to monitor and analyze your operations in the field more efficiently, please contact us.