Infosys and Poimapper

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Infosys chose Poimapper to amplify the outcomes and manage development projects. Infosys Foundation, part of the Indian multinational provider of business consulting, technology, engineering and outsourcing services, has selected Poimapper to support and enhance their rural infrastructure development projects across India. Founded in 1996, The Infosys Foundation initiates and runs extensive development programs in the areas of Healthcare, Education, Culture, Destitute Care and Rural Development. Poimapper provides the Infosys Foundation with control over their projects in the field through data collection, monitoring of progress, data visualisation on a map and reporting for project management.
“We have been using Poimapper in our Parishudh Society projects in India and we are pleased with its features, ease of use and reliability. I can recommend Poimapper as the solution for mobile field data collection and monitoring.”
-Vasudevrao M. Deshpande, Group Project Manager at Infosys