What is Poimapper?

When trying to find a name for the solution, we thought of something that would describe what the solution does. Although Poimapper can be used for many different purposes it is most commonly used to collect data with a specific geographical location using a mobile device. In the Poimapper portal, one of the first features was the ability to monitor and analyze Point of Interests in a map view. Now that the product has developed it’s more of a data collector in a broader sense than just a mapper. In some cases the geographical situation of the data might not be relevant and collected data is analyzed in a table view, for example.

Regardless of the data collection purpose, mobile devices allow users to collect data with a lot more information than with a pencil and a paper. Collected data can be shared immediately, you can attach images, location and history trace. And there is no need to transform the data on a paper to a digital form. One important advantage with mobile data collection is that most people in the world have access to a mobile device.

Point of interest (POI) mapping is still a key feature of our multipurpose software. Poimapper is a solution that can be customized to the specific needs of every organization that are looking for a way to collect, share, monitor and analyze field data.

Should you see a need to monitor and analyze your operations in the field more efficiently, please contact support@poimapper.com


P.S. A point of interest, or POI, is a specific point location that someone may find useful or interesting.


Mobile data collection