Urban Planning with Mobile Software

Urban planning with mobile software

Capital Development Authority – CDA is a parastatal organization in Tanzania, responsible for the development of the Tanzania National Capital City of Dodoma. Its functions include: urban planning; development Control; Preparation of detailed land use within the planning area; Estate management; Land survey; Land administration; and Preparation of title deeds. Also the CDA is responsible for Creation of acceptable living atmospheres within the urban areas; Establishment of forests around the Capital; and Protection of environment.

Availability and access of physical planning data, and development control and monitoring data is a priority to CDA in order to have informed decisions on matters related to urban development, land management and environmental management. The CDA already has a Geographic Information System (GIS) comprising of roads, streets, buildings and land use data, and has now acquired the Poimapper Solution for collecting and populating the GIS database. Poimapper is used now to collect data on: household, building use; land use, land marks and areas of environmental concern. It is expected that the Poimapper solution will contribute to the improvement in implementing and monitoring of CDA development project as well as improved public services.
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