What is Poimapper and Mobile Data Collection?

What is Poimapper and mobile data collection?

With mobile data collection, you can move from paper forms and Excel/Word templates to interactive applications.

A typical solution consists of the following elements:
1. A mobile app installed from one of the app stores, by which you can collect data offline,
2. A form builder by which you can define the forms and checklist templates
3. A cloud service that enables uploading of collected data to a database and viewing of the collected data as well as user administration for adding users and user groups.

Poimapper is a mobile data collection with the following advanced features:

1. Inclusion of your own custom maps, for instance for floorplans and blueprints

2. Rule-based reasoning enabling to make the app a domain expert system guiding the data collection

3. Sharing of the data between all team members, including push notifications of updated data.

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