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Transform safety reporting: swift reports, accurate data, actionable insights.

Real-time Incident Reporting

Empower your workforce to report safety incidents immediately using Poimapper’s mobile app. Capture incident details on-site, including photos and location data.

Improved Data Accuracy

Eliminate errors and incomplete reports with predefined templates and digital forms. Ensure that every incident is accurately documented.



Swift Response

Accelerate response times by instantly sharing incident reports with relevant personnel, reducing the risk of further harm or damage.

Centralized Data Management

Store all safety reports in a secure, centralized cloud-based database accessible from anywhere. Say goodbye to manual filing and searching.

Analytics and Trends

Poimapper’s analytics tools help you identify trends, patterns, and areas of concern in safety data, enabling proactive safety measures and continuous improvement.


Compliance Assurance

Ensure compliance with safety regulations and standards by tracking and monitoring safety incidents with Poimapper’s audit trail and reporting capabilities.

Audit and certify compliance with ISO45001

Use a complete digital 45001 checklist for audits and certification. You get it free of charge as part of a Poimapper subscription. Save time with automated summaries and print-ready reports. Define corrective actions and effectively follow-up completion of the actions.



Tailor safety reporting forms and checklists to match your organization’s specific safety protocols, making it a perfect fit for any industry.

Mobile and Offline Capabilities

Capture safety data in real-time, even in remote areas with poor connectivity. Poimapper works seamlessly both online and offline.


Accountability and Transparency

Assign responsibilities, track actions taken, and hold individuals accountable for safety incident resolution.

Cost Savings

Reduce the costs associated with manual paperwork, filing, and storage. Poimapper’s digital platform is cost-effective and eco-friendly.


By embracing Poimapper for safety reporting, you are not just streamlining your processes; you are committing to a safer work environment. Your employees’ well-being and your organization’s success depend on it.


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    Discover how companies like yours are using Poimapper to automate safety reports

    Benefits of Poimapper

    • Automated summary reports and documents save time
    • Facilitates the collection of comprehensive and high quality data
    • Assignment & follow up of tasks streamlined
    • Attached evidence. location and computations raise the quality of the reports
    • Better sharing of data increases transparency of quality and safety and improves customer service