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Safety Reports

Get everyone to report incidents with an easy-to-use app

Would you like to improve reporting rates of safety incidents? With an easy-to-use application on everyone’s mobile device, you can dramatically increase reporting rates. All the user needs to do is open the app and incident form, record their observation, optionally attach an image as evidence, and submit.

The observations can then be automatically notified for instance local supervisors, who then assign the corrective action to suitable persons.

Once the corrective action has been taken, the responsible person may then submit the action for final approval to the safety manager. The safety manager then provides summary reports and feedback to all stakeholders.

By providing feedback on taken actions to the person who originally submitted the observation, you can motivate them and increase the reporting rate.

With statistical and visual summaries, it will be easier for you to convince people to take corrective actions.

Adopt a digital solution and you achieve complete and timely visibility of on-site risks.

Assign actions already during the safety walks

With Poimapper you can define your own complete safety walk forms with predefined questions, areas and topics to check. We have field-proven 5s and 6s example templates ready free of charge.

For clarity, you may use site-specific maps and floor plans to position findings, while attached pictures reveal details and improve transparency. Assign actions based on the findings already during the safety walk and summarise findings per area and topic in real-time.

The app computes the safety rates per safety walk. In the portal, you may visualise trends per area and topic in interactive safety reports. Using interactive checklists, users can share findings in a statistically measurable way.

If you want a ready form, you can try our Construction site safety app


Provide automated summaries with customized reports

With custom Word or Excel safety reports, you can provide comprehensive summaries in the desired format to the stakeholders.

Include images, digital signatures as appropriate.

You also have the option to generate a final report as PDF directly from the app.

Using the reporting tool, you can generate various statistical summary reports across key parameters as a good basis for further management planning and decision making.

Ensure actions are taken with effective communication

Safety managers can give immediate feedback to the on-site teams on further actions and ask for clarifications regarding safety reports.

By assigning tasks with deadlines and automated reminders your safety managers can significantly improve the rate and speed at which corrective actions are taken.

The task view provides a comprehensive summary of actions with interactive filtering for instance per task type, status and responsible person.

You can also send immediate reminders directly from the task view concerning selected tasks.

Audit and certify ISO 45001 compliance

Use a complete digital ISO 45001 checklist to verify all aspects effectively. You get the template free of charge as part of your subscription.

Obtain automatic summaries and scores.  Compare results between sites and over time.  Provide management summaries effectively.

Assign corrective actions already during the audit. Using the interactive summary view monitor progress, filter actions based on various criteria such as status, responsible person and action category.

Send reminders and effectively follow up on the completion of corrective actions.

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