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Build advanced mobile forms based on your checklists. Use our easy to use data collection app to conduct inspections. Generate reports automatically. Assign corrective actions and other tasks already during data collection. Monitor status of tasks and send reminders.

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Streamline processes by identifying bottlenecks, waste, and inefficiencies. Reduce operational costs, increase productivity, and quicker delivery times

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Identify quality issues with mobile data collection and track corrective actions effectively. Provide consistency and conformity to your clients. Secure quality of supplier deliveries. Communicate quality to customers.

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Supplier Audits

Streamline the supplier audit process. Engage suppliers with self audits and online updates of corrective actions. Compare suppliers, identify trends and see action completion statistics.

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High quality reporting

Generate automatically professional reports that can be directly sent to customers and suppliers.

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As a provider of railway components, WABTEC TRANSIT has been using the Poimapper application to perform supplier audits worldwide since 2018. Poimapper has proven to be a flexible tool to cover all aspects of our supplier audit management: Assessment audit questionnaires, Action plan management (PDCA), Follow-up audits and related audit performance KPIs.

The excellent responsiveness of the support and the remarkable adaptability of the Poimapper application has been highly appreciated during the years in service. Cross-platform and offline use in case of limited network access and task assignment to enable an auditor team to simultaneously work on the same audit are highly valued features of the application.

Poimapper has significantly improved how we at WABTEC TRANSIT perform our supplier assessments on a global scale.

Ralph Bürger, Supplier Quality Manager - Director European Region, Wabtec

The main purpose we use Poimapper for is to create Quality Control(QC) Reports. The feedback I’ve gotten from that, internally and externally, is that people are very impressed with the reports we can make using Poimapper. What I love the most is that we have total control of how our reports are set up and how the end result looks with the custom Word and Excel report templates feature(a must-have feature if you ask me).
And since we’re not dependent on someone else who built the report for us, it has the added flexibility to add/remove/update our work templates any time we need without waiting.

Aside from our QC Report, we’ve also been able to ditch the pen and paper in some of our other Logistics processes which has saved us loads of time when needing to look up an old case.

Additionally, data collection and statistics reports are made easy and readily available on any aspect you want information collected on. Improvement features are also always being added alongside customer support that’s always quick and friendly.

To sum everything up, Poimapper is hard to beat.

Robet Lin, Warehouse manager, J2 Sourcing

The use of Poimapper makes it more efficient to assign defects to suppliers and speeds up the process of filing complaints with images. It allows us to monitor supplier problems monthly and continuously improve the performance of our suppliers. In this way, we guarantee the quality of our products more effectively.

Dinbil Abdirahman, Quality Coordinator, Maillefer


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