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Maillefer improves product quality with effective non-conformance reporting

Maillefer is a leader in extrusion line machinery, with over 4000 extrusion lines installed globally.

The engineers of Maillefer use Poimapper to ensure the quality of the end products. Non-conformance are managed effectively as well as various damage reports, quality issues and missing parts.

An important part of the effectiveness is for Maillefer to rapidly communicate the found issues to responsible parties, which in their case are a multitude of suppliers. The suppliers need to get immediate feedback to be able to fix the components they have the responsibility for.


Accurate site data enables efficient industrial waste management

Fortum is a leading clean-energy company that provides its customers with electricity, heating and cooling as well as smart solutions to improve resource efficiency.

Accurate site data enables efficient waste management by Fortum even on large industrial sites. With Poimapper they can collect and share customers’ data and reports that benefit clients and their own service organization.

“Poimapper allows us to map waste management sites and analyse improvement possibilities. We can also share field data faster in our service organization. This enables fast and accurate reactions to our client’s evolving needs. “
– Paula Korpela, Sales Director


More effective supplier audits

Wabtec is a leading global provider of equipment, systems, digital solutions, and value-added services for the freight and transit rail sectors with over 27,000 employees in over 50 countries around the world.

The challenge

Wabtec has hundreds of suppliers all over the world, providing a wide variety of technologies such as Riveting, Gluing, Painting, Wiring, Welding, Machining, Assembly, Forging, Foundry, Radiography, Extrusion, Plating, PCBs, PCBA, Seals, and Plastics Injection.

The quality requirements are stringent, and hundreds of persons are involved in ensuring the quality of suppliers as well as internal operations.

To achieve high consistency and completeness of audits, save time and provide overall visibility of the quality requires a comprehensive digital solution. The use of standard Excel sheets is not good enough.

Using automated conversion routines Wabtec can convert Excel templates for doing audits to smart checklists and makes these globally available in the cloud service.  Using its auto-update capabilities Poimapper automatically installs the templates on the mobile app when the user logs in to Android, iOS or Windows devices.

The app solution

The auditors can do the audit offline, adding images, summarizing and scoring the results, and obtaining the signatures by all parties digitally while still on site.

Poimapper automatically downloads the user’s existing audits to the app. The user adds new audits using the + icon.

The streamlined process

Wabtec auditors can choose to send the audit templates to the suppliers for recording their comments for each question applicable for their specific case.

Wabtec has added logic to the audit forms such that only applicable questions are asked based on the business unit doing the audit and the type of supplier involved.

If several auditors are involved, they can share the work by assigning the different processes to separate auditors. After each auditor has completed their part, they can submit and merge the results to one consistent report automatically.

Based on classifying the audits based on suppliers and sites, these can be compared overall or per process and either based on averages or based on trends over time. For further analysis, the auditors can easily transfer the data to analytics tools such as Power BI.


Global development program monitoring

Founded over 75 years ago, Plan International is one of the oldest and largest children’s development organisations in the world. In 2013, Plan worked with 78 million children in 90,229 communities.

Plan International have adopted Poimapper for monitoring and evaluation of their development programs across the globe. Plan personnel are able to collect, analyse and share real-time information from the field, make informed decisions and allocate resources accordingly. GPS location, timestamp and images associated with the survey data can be viewed with a customised program portal.

Examples of Plan International programs with Poimapper all over the word :

  • Thailand: Health and treatment monitoring of patients in rural areas.
  • Kenya: Customized child abuse monitoring system called Vurugumapper: [Video]
  • Philippines: Natural disaster and related actions monitoring and assessment, data collection for future response plans.
  •  Indonesia: Data collection for birth registration purposes.
  • Nepal: Data collection for education development.
  • Malawi: Health and treatment monitoring of patients in rural areas.
  • Cameroon: Education development program monitoring and evaluation.
  • Sudan: Natural disaster and related actions monitoring and assessment.
  • Bolivia: Monitoring and evaluation of early childhood care and development programs.
  • Burkina Faso: Mapping of critical infrastructure (such as water points, health centres and schools), planning and budget allocation purposes. In Burkina Faso, a routine costing exercise comparing the projected costs of a digital and paper-based data collection exercise estimated a 25% saving with Poimapper.


Certifying cocoa farmers and tracing cocoa flows

The Cocoa Abrabopa Association (CAA), a farmer-based association with over 8,000 small-holder Cocoa Farmers in Ghana, deploys the Poimapper for the digitization of field activities and other processes as part of their Internal Management System.

As a Rainforest Alliance certified farmers’ association, CAA must ensure to collect data digitally to comply to the requirements of the cocoa sustainability standard. Besides collecting data on farm inspections and their child labour remediation programs, they also collect traceability data such as cocoa purchases and cocoa evacuations from the farmers to their inland and port warehouses.

“Since 2017, CAA started using Poimapper to solve our digital needs. As part of the 1st mile project with the Rainforest Alliance, CAA started using the Poimapper as a replacement to the several activities that was done manually. This was done to help improve efficiency and Data accuracy. Also, with the Geolocation feature, the credibility of data has drastically improved as well.

Currently, CAA is 95% digital through the use of the Poimappper solution, and this has helped reduce cost, as well as increase efficiency.”


J2 Sourcing is an independent distributor of electronic components. They serve companies ranging from global EMS companies and distributors to small and local manufacturers. J2 Sourcing offers solutions to component shortages along with other services aimed at handling customers’ excess.

Due to a rapidly growing business, effective flow material using digital solutions has become a must for J2 Sourcing.  With Poimapper they can manage order picking, order packing and order shipping and location information in real-time. In addition, material quality control processes are streamlined to ensure the high quality of delivered products. Poimapper enables improved visibility of the material flow in a scalable way while allowing business to be driven through the gathered data.



Monitoring of maternal care clients

Tearfund has been using Poimapper for monitoring maternal care clients with/without HIV in various countries. Pregnant women with HIV have a high risk for transmitting the disease to the child.

Mother Buddies visit the pregnant women (the clients) according to a predefined schedule to monitor their health and give advice. The pregnant women receive SMS reminders notifying them of an upcoming visit.
Mother buddies update information regarding the clients during the visits. Team leaders for the mother buddies, managers or organizations employing the mother buddies, public officials, the NGO running the operation (Tearfund) at country and head office level follow the progress made by the mother buddies.



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