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On top of all the great features, the support provided by Poimapper's team is unbeatable. They respond and resolve issues quickly and professionally.

— Norma Peralta, VP of services

Collect and edit data offline with the Poimapper Plus mobile app. Download the app for free from Google Play or Apple app store.

Define your own digital forms and manage your report template library. Create questionnaires and checklists with images, GPS, text, numeric, and various question types (e.g. multi- and single-choice, conditional, etc.)

Visualize and edit geotagged data on maps in the portal and mobile app.

Search, sort and edit data in our table. Easily find data. Sync the table selections with the map and see the location of your data points.

Browse images taken in the field. Click on images and the related data is shown.

Access existing data with your mobile device on-site. Do edits and sync updates with the cloud server. Automatically receive updates of collected data by other users and sync with data collected by you.

Register users and organize them into groups. Define group hierarchies and user levels to manage data access rights.

You can create a hierarchy based on your organization's structure and geographical areas. User's access rights can be defined based on the hierarchy. Data can be automatically placed to a location in the hierarchy using reverse geocoding and address mapping.

Use tables and sub-forms to collect structured and comprehensive data. Read bar and QR codes. Capture video and audio. Attach images to specific fields. Show images for choice options.

Mandatory fields and conditional questions guide data collection. Use skip logic to determine which fields to show next. Use calculated values to make conclusions. Include ranges in number questions and text max limits.

Validation lists can have hundreds of predefined answer options. Define text validation based on regular expressions. Define validation scripts to check for more complex conditions.

Define task templates for different types of tasks with selections list of who may do and who may approve. Assign tasks on site with deadlines. Receive task to your to do list. Monitor status of all tasks effectively and send reminders as appropriate.

Use audio questions and descriptions and visualize choices with images to increase response rates in self-surveys.

Bar, pie, area and line charts react to data updates. Export charts or give viewing rights to share insight.

Schedule and assign site visits. The mobile app will show assignments in a daily to-do list.

Review and request corrections to collected data. You can comment on a data instance and give it the "needs editing" status.

Customize report templates with your brand. Reports are automatically populated with the data you collect. Use the report generator to produce summary reports in tabular and cross-tabulated formats.

The same form can be viewed in multiple languages and with different sets of questions visible.

Both the app and portal are available in multiple languages including English, French, German, Spanish, and Finnish. In addition, the app is available in Swedish, Chinese and Portuguese, with new languages easily added based on need.

Use your own blueprints, floor plans and site maps. Add data instances directly on top of the diagrams with the mobile app.

Export selected data to Excel, Word, SPSS, KML or CSV. Import existing data and floorplans to Poimapper.

We can create a separate custom-branded app and customized look & feel for the portal. Customized dashboards for monitoring and evaluating the data.

Poimapper can be integrated with existing systems using our API.

Installation of the complete software solution or database on customer premises with separate maintenance and support contracts.

Install your own maps into our system.

Define webhooks for forms, enabling real time updates of data to other information systems.

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