Software (Product) for effective field teams.

Fast to implement. Easy to use. Clear efficiency gains.


In the field

Mobile app

Poimapper Plus Product is an easy-to-use mobile app that shows field teams the correct site information, guidelines and form templates. Data collection and editing works while offline.


Take photos, record audio and video, scan QR-codes, and use bluetooth to capture data from points of interest Product. Digital signatures verify reports directly on site.


Tag data points with GPS information and track routes. You can also place markers on top of your own blueprints and share files in real-time.


Final reports with your own branding are generated and sent by email automatically. Eliminate manual report work in the office.

In the office

Your own forms

Create your own checklists and questionnaires. Continue to create as many forms as you want with Poimapper Form Builder.

Gain insight

Understand the big picture and find details with charts, maps and images. Analyze key metrics and drive continuous improvement.

Data quality

Ensure data quality with design options such as mandatory fields, conditional questions and calculated values. Sharing data, commenting and assigning tasks further improve collaboration.

User management

Manage user levels and work groups. Control the access to the right data, form templates and guidelines.

Poimapper overview

Collect & Update:

Collect new and update existing data with a mobile device. Selectively download existing background data to the device from previous visits or from corporate databases.

Store & Share:

Store data securely in the cloud or on site. Share info between field and office workers. Synchronize and keep the history of all updates.

Analyze & Decide, Integrate:

Analyze collected data in real-time. Make data driven plans and decisions. Easy integration to existing data systems using our API.

Give Feedback:

Field teams see data update requests, assigned tasks and new data collection forms on their mobile device.

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