Sampling and Environmental monitoring.
Measure water quality, air quality, land contamination and soil structures. Track erosion, document biological phenomena and map out habitats all from the palm of your hand.

Ensure complete, accurate and traceable data collection.
With a flexible and comprehensive form builder, define exactly what data needs to be collected. Define validation rules to ensure measurements are entered correctly. Automatically register geo-location, time and surveyor who collected the data for later traceability.

As data is automatically archived to the cloud with a full history trace, all contractual and regulatory reporting requirements can be fulfilled without extra effort.

Improve productivity and speed of monitoring.
Gather images, videos and signatures directly on-site. Sync the results to the cloud and get predefined reports automatically populated with the data. Our users have achieved up to 50 % reduction in reporting time.

Serve clients with reports they want to receive.
Automatically generate, on-site and in real-time, customized client specific reports. Include summaries, key images and e-signatures, based on the environmental data just collected. Give your clients free access to project data in Poimapper portal.

Send data to labs for real-time analysis.
As soon as data is entered with the mobile device, they can be forwarded from the Poimapper cloud to the environmental analysis laboratory. Automated information flows dramatically increase the speed by which the final results can be obtained and reported to stakeholders.

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