Safety reporting is in everyone's hands with an easy-to-use app.
A key challenge in improving safety is the low reporting rate of incidents. Lack of statistical and visual proof makes it hard to convince people to take corrective actions.

Reporting rates are dramatically increased with an easy-to-use application in everyone’s mobile device. Interactive checklists help users to share incident details in a statistically measurable way while attached pictures reveal details and improve transparency. The process can be further supported with suitable incentives.

This gives a complete and timely visibility of on-site risks.

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Customized reports provide automated summaries to management.
Detailed custom Word or Excel reports provide comprehensive summaries in the desired format to stakeholders. Summary reports in charts across key parameters provide a good basis for further management planning and decision making.

Effective communication ensures actions are taken.
Safety managers can give immediate feedback to field teams on further actions and ask for clarifications regarding reports. By assigning tasks with deadlines and automated reminders corrective actions are taken as needed.

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