Mobile data collection for international development programs

We help leading development organizations to achieve better visibility of operations with mobile data collection.

International Development

Monitoring & Evaluation in international development
Availability of reliable, accurate and timely data provides program managers with real-time visibility of program progress. Thus, managers get rapid feedback and corrective actions can take place in good time.

Reliable data collection made easy.
The mobile application for data collection is easy to use even for users with limited experience in using mobile tools.

Data is collected and stored offline. Reliable synchronization happens when network access is available. After synchronization, the collected data are visible online, on the web portal and on other field devices.

Errors are minimized with logic flows and validation rules. Every data point records who, when and where the data was collected, including details such as the duration of data collection and, if activated, tracking of routes taken by the data collectors. Data richness is further enhanced with contextual information, photos, voice and video

Enabler for results-based management.
Poimapper enables indicators to be defined to establish baselines and set annual targets for results frameworks. Measure and record inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes and impact.

Importing data from existing data repositories is enabled via our open interfaces to maximise the leverage of existing knowledge.

The key benefit is to provide visibility to the progress of the programs, giving the ability for rapid feedback and corrective actions to take place in time.

Create and manage surveys, adjust and scale-up
With Poimapper, you have total flexibility to define surveys, forms and checklists based on your own needs. Interactive elements like validation, calculations and conditional questions help efficient data collection and improve quality. Changes to surveys are automatically sent to the field without interruption of activities.

Access to data is based on user groups, roles and location, according to your organization’s needs. Poimapper is as suitable for small local non-profits as it is for major multinational NGO’s.

Globally improve field assessment efficiency.

Our service has applications for all user types, be they field workers, volunteers or community representatives working in remote, rural or urban conditions.

Poimapper is suitable for use in household surveys, school attendance and performance monitoring, environmental impact assessments, conservation and biodiversity assessments, risk and disaster management, soil surveys, etc.

Further application areas include sanitary and phytosanitary standards assessments, forest inventory data collection and food safety surveys, to name a few. We have ongoing and successfully completed projects in more than 30 countries around the world.

Use case: Poimapper is used in Nepal by Plan International.

Real-time reporting and analytics.
The information produced is responsive to the needs of the different users, donors and stakeholders. Fully adaptable to the client’s own project and program monitoring cycle to evaluate when relevant data will become available.

Visualization using dashboards, layered maps, tables and charts. Statistical analysis includes cross-tabulation and exporting to other statistical tools. Real-time analysis and reporting performance information. Reporting on expenditures, activities, coverage.

Improve awareness, promote transparency and accountability.

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