Streamline Manufacturing Audits and Inspections

Collect the data more efficiently. Ensure corrective actions are taken, processes are improved and products satisfy quality requirements.

Manufacturing Audits and Inspections

Streamline your manufacturing audits and inspections, by prepopulating the audits with relevant background data and recording all data directly while on-site including images.

Based on the findings, send corrective actions to the responsible persons directly and monitor progress in real-time.

Save time in creating the reports.  Based on predefined report templates create the final reports with a click of a button while being on the audit site.  Include automatically captured images positioned in the correct places, digital signatures if signed, a summary of all corrective actions and more.

Use process audit checklists including questions for instance on

  • Production and ordering process, change management,
  • Competence profiles
  • Product design and project management
  • Quality
  • Product management
  • Supplier chain management
  • EHS
  • Audit process

Select additional audit and inspection questions for example on

  • Riveting, Gluing, Painting, Wiring, Welding, Machining, Assembly
  • Sensory observation of food products
  • Weights and packaging dates within required ranges
  • Bolt tightening measurements
  • Performance measures of machinery

Replace paper forms and spreadsheets with an easy-to-use manufacturing audit and inspection app.

Protect your data with our comprehensive security features.

Avoid duplication of data and real-time availability of data where you need it with open interfaces and various methods for smooth data transfer with other IT systems.

Benefits you should expect:
  • Reduce time spent on audits up to 50 %
  • Include question specific images as evidence while on-site
  • Improve accountability with digital signatures
  • Immediately share the results
  • Get action plans recorded on site
  • Achieve real-time visibility of corrective actions
  • Identify trends across sites and suppliers
  • Correct product quality issues faster
  • Ensure quality before the products are delivered
  • Create statistical summary reports

Signup for the free use of complete audit checklists

Get credentials to use an app on-site and a cloud service for sharing and reporting.

Free multiuser trials, extensive demos and training available.

Digitize your existing inspection forms using our interactive tool or ask us to convert them for you.  Automated conversions routines are also available.

Scale to corporate-wide use when benefits are validated.



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