Construction site Safety Checklist

Easy to use mobile app and summary reports for work site safety

Safety Checklist

Construction site safety index checklist is an easy to use application that’s used every week in thousands of construction sites.
Using the construction site safety index checklist an inspector or site manager can audit the whole construction site for safety issues and deviations. It is recommended to conduct the audits once a week per site to get comparable data and find out deviations in time. The checklist calculates a safety index score. The maximum score is 100 %.

Deviations can be photographed and marked as items that have to be fixed by the responsible person.

Try out the construction site safety index checklist mobile app.
We offer a 2 week free trial for the construction site safety index checklist mobile app. Please get in touch with us and trial the solution.

Construction site safety index check mobile app.
Most construction sites today have tablets and smart phones always available. The best way to fill out the construction site safety index check. and share the results is by using a mobile application.

A digital mobile form is easy to use and calculates the safety index automatically. You can capture photographs of the most important observations and work even in offline conditions.

There is also no need to rewrite observations to a monthly report or computer system. Reports can be sent directly from the mobile app to every stakeholder. All data is stored securely on a cloud database.

The benefits of the mobile construction site check.
Important information can be shared between on-site and office workers immediately. With accurate and timely information operations can avoid waiting, misunderstandings and dangerous situations on-site.

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