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Asset Mapping

Know what is where, manage your assets and improve customer service.

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Asset Mapping

Asset mapping and lifecycle monitoring.
Track asset deliveries, monitor installations and maintain asset inventories throughout the lifecycle. Increase service revenue and profit with enterprise grade asset management.

Maximize product value for your customers. With Poimapper, product service and support is an integral part of lifecycle management.

Tag and register your assets.
Register assets using barcodes, QR codes, NFC tags or bluetooth beacons. Access comprehensive product catalogs during asset registration on-site. Even if your are off line.

Achieve complete visibility and transparency.
Use geo-location to map your assets outdoors and mark indoor assets directly on floor plans for easy visual orientation.

Organize assets by customer and work sites. Get quick and intuitive asset overviews with visual analytics.

Increase productivity and customer satisfaction.
Assign tasks and alerts related to assets to ensure services and maintenance are done effectively and on time.

Increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn with clear and smooth service processes.

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Manage your assets more effectively