Technical Inspections

Ensure accuracy of inspections and save significant time in reporting.


Accurate results with detailed instructions and checklists.
With Poimapper, field personnel have complete instructions and visuals available to perform inspections.

Conditional checklists can include detailed checks depending on answers to previous questions. Changes to guidelines and checklists can be distributed in real time to personnel in the field.

Layer inspections on top of maps and blueprints.
Inspections completed outdoors can be recorded on digital maps, and inspections completed indoors on blueprints.

Personnel have an updated project library of blueprints available for use at any time in the field depending of which project they are involved in at the time. By clicking the map markers on the blueprints, inspection details are shown.

Share results in real-time. 
Any new data from the office or from the field can be shared in real-time between all team members, ensuring everyone is up-to-date.

This enables fast, corrective actions, speeding up the project execution and reducing costs. Final custom inspection reports can be produced directly from the inspections and shared in real-time with stakeholders.

Save time and increase field work efficiency.
From images to checklist selections and comments, your recordings will be automatically converted to the desired report format and layout.

The time spent on producing reports is minimized and field teams can get more work done.

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