Market Research Intelligence

See what your field force sees and understand the business environment about Market Research Intelligence

Market Research Intelligence

Market research

Accurate data of target markets.
Get real-time consumer preference and competitor data from consumer surveys and shop visits.

Poimapper allows effective collection and reporting of your target market demographics, needs, buying decisions and media preferences. Promote your products and services effectively with new insight gathered on-site.

Understand competitor strengths and weaknesses.
Collect data on your competitor’s promotion strategy, directly from the points of sale. Find out their price points as well as customer opinions on both your own products and -competitor products.

Schedule and manage outlet visits.
With Poimapper Scheduler, you can schedule outlet visits for your team and manage their activities. All outlets to be visited on the current date appear on the to-do list in team members’ devices.

Visualize data and make informed decisions.
The map on your phone, tablet or PC shows the exact locations where data has been collected. Alternatively, Table view shows the same data in a tabular format.

You can compose instant summary reports in charts, tabular or cross-tabulated formats across your selected key parameters for data-driven decision-making.

The image gallery can be filtered according to location, product line or competitor to visualize the best practices and differentiate opportunities in the marketplace. Export data to SPSS for statistical analysis.

Competitive intelligence

See what your field reps see.
Field teams see competitor products and activities during their daily operations. When observations are reported, you will gain valuable insight from the external business environment.

Poimapper enables everyone to gather competitive intelligence data with their mobile devices. Predefined checklists with validation rules and mandatory answers ensure data quality.

Once observations, images, video clips and geographical data are flowing into a shared database, you can analyze accurate business landscape overviews for strategic decision making.

Effortlessly follow key metrics, compare geographical areas and seasonal differences. The process not only gives you vital information about the markets but also engages the field teams making them more competitive.

Use case: visibility of more than 20,000 points of sale
We helped a global beverage company map more than twenty thousand points of sale in a large capital city of developing country. Images and location data were key in understanding and building a strategy for the emerging market.

Allow access to the right information.
Responsibility areas improve motivation and accountability. Outside their own territory, field agents can access data that is close to them and update changes when they see one.

Territory managers can validate data and request improvements to the observations.

Find answers fast from massive data sets.
Poimapper makes it easy to search, sort and filter data based on various criteria. For example, follow how a product type is performing in a key geographical area.

The map and charts react to your selections, visualizing them immediately. Identify risks and opportunities with a few clicks.

Benefit from existing data systems.
Bring in your existing retail and customer location data to Poimapper and allow the mobile field force to do updates. Our API allows automatic data movement between your existing systems and Poimapper.

Take reports out, attach graphs to presentations and share the findings with your colleagues.

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