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Poimapper Overview

Tutorial on the Poimapper mobile app. A mobile data collection and field mapping platform used for various purposes, including data collection, inspections, and mapping in the field.

Basic Form Builder Tutotial

Tutorial on using the Basic Form Builder in Poimapper. This video covers the main features of the Basic Form Builder and the various field types that it supports.


Poimapper Documents Management

Tutorial on using the document management feature on Poimapper. This feature is a lightweight management system that users can use to store and access both exported data points and other documents.


Color Coding of Tasks Forms and Sub Forms references

Tutorial on subforms and how to color code responses. Color coding is a tool that allows users to show you how to color code subforms and task forms based on the responses given to specific questions.


Digital Supplier Audits Checklist example

Tutorial on how to use Poimapper for supplier audits.


ISO 9001 Demo using Poimapper

Tutorial on how Poimapper can help you handle your ISO 9001 needs. 

Poimapper Dashboard

Tutorial of the Dashboard feature, that exists on the Poimapper Portal. Dashboard is a feature that gives users the ability to display related charts, in one window. It has a 2 column layout.

Poimapper Charts

Tutorial on the Poimapper has a chart feature. This feature gives users the ability to create visualizations and analyze trends & patterns using the data points collected.

Tasks Tutorial

Tutorial on the tasks feature. In this video, we will show you how task forms are created, assigned, updated and monitored.

Poimapper Advanced Form Builder

Tutorial on the Advanced Form Builder. The advanced form builder is a premium feature available to Pro and custom accounts. It contains the most field types out of the 3 form builder options.



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    Discover how companies like yours are using Poimapper to automate safety reports

    Benefits of Poimapper

    • Automated summary reports and documents save time
    • Facilitates the collection of comprehensive and high quality data
    • Assignment & follow up of tasks streamlined
    • Attached evidence. location and computations raise the quality of the reports
    • Better sharing of data increases transparency of quality and safety and improves customer service