Mobile solution for Quality Audit

Transparency and efficiency to quality management.

Quality Audit

Quality audit challenges.
Quality is a top priority for most companies, but challenges do exist:
• Audit execution is slow due to inefficient data collection
• Reports are incomplete, and key findings are easily missed
• Reporting is done separately by several stakeholders
• Delays between audit and corrective action
• Overall visibility is poor
In some cases, audits can become a high-cost formality with quality targets not met, and ultimately real business benefits are not achieved.

Easy-to-use mobile app for audits improves quality monitoring motivation.
An underlying challenge in audits is the cumbersome nature of filling paper forms or separate Excel/Word documents and then later transferring the results to company audit registers. Furthermore, the existing quality reporting systems may not be convenient to use during the on-site audits.

Visual and easy-to-use audit applications streamline the reporting process, supports the auditor’s work and thus improve motivation to complete the audits comprehensively and on time.

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Keep audit templates up-to-date and include logic that improves audit quality.
With Poimapper it is easy to add new audit templates and edit existing templates based on changing business needs.

Updates are automatically provided to all mobile devices, thus everyone always have the latest audit templates in use.

With conditional logic, only the audit questions depending on the specific case need to be filled, further improving the business relevance of the results.

Use our API and automated data transmission.
Using open data interfaces, results can be retrieved from Poimapper to other IT systems. Alternatively, triggers can be defined to automatically forward the desired data to other systems.

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