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Mobile solution for health and safety reporting

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Get everyone to report incidents with an easy-to-use app

Would you like to improve reporting rates of safety incidents? With an easy-to-use application on everyone’s mobile device, you can dramatically increase reporting rates. All the user needs to do is open the app and incident form, record their observation, optionally attach an image as evidence, and submit.

The observations can then be automatically notified for instance local supervisors, who then assign the corrective action to suitable persons.


Process Efficiency

Streamline processes by identifying bottlenecks, waste, and inefficiencies. Reduce operational costs, increase productivity, and quicker
delivery times. Maximise your operation’s potential with all necessary inspections and actions on your workers’ phones, tablets, or computers and their results come back to you in real time.

    Discover how companies like yours are using Poimapper to automate safety reports

    Benefits of Poimapper

    • Automated summary reports and documents save time
    • Facilitates the collection of comprehensive and high quality data
    • Assignment & follow up of tasks streamlined
    • Attached evidence. location and computations raise the quality of the reports
    • Better sharing of data increases transparency of quality and safety and improves customer service