The challenges of supplier audits

Typically checklists are implemented as Excel spreadsheets for on-site data entry.
This has several drawbacks, such as
  • Tedious inclusion of images taken on-site,
  • Need for scanning to capture signatures of participants,
  • Time-consuming synchronization of results of several auditors,
  • Documents are sent back and forth, responses to corrective actions are delayed
  • Overall transparency is lacking.

Benefits of smart checklist solutions

With Poimapper you can transform Excel templates into easy-to-use audit applications that streamline the overall process.
  • Replace paper forms and spreadsheets with an easy-to-use app
  • Enable suppliers' self-assessment and comments on questions before audits
  • Reduce time spent on audit planning, execution, and reporting up to 50 %
  • Ask only questions relevant for the specific audit based on conditional logic
  • Improve accountability with digital signatures and images
  • Automatically synchronize results of team audits
  • Immediately share results with the supplier and get their action plans recorded
  • Real-time visibility and transparency of corrective actions
  • Identify trends and compare sites and suppliers with dashboard reports
  • Reduce business risk and cost due to quality issues

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