Supplier Audits

Comprehensive supplier quality audits, and automated reporting

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Define comprehensive supplier audit templates

Design audit forms that cover all your specific audit criteria and industry standards, those related to supply chain audit.  Follow general guidelines for standard topics.  Capture relevant information and insights with tailored questionnaires based on the best expertise in your company, for instance, in specific technical areas such as welding, painting, PCBA, etc. Use supplier audit management software to ensure thorough assessments.

Build in conditional logic, for instance, based on the business unit doing the audit, the type of supplier, or the assessment results, to enable effective audits with interactive guidance. This is made easier with supplier audit management software.


Get complete and validated data

By automatic template updates to the audit app and checks of data completeness and correctness with validation rules, the audits will comprehensively assess the supplier’s quality based on industry-leading audit criteria.




supplier quality audit

supplier quality audit

Engage all auditors effectively

Enable multiple auditors to contribute to the same audits based on their expertise by automatically merging results from each auditor into one consistent audit result.

Generate the supplier audit reports while on-site

Record findings and improvement proposals and attach photos immediately during the audit. The summary scores per topic and finding summaries are available in real-time. Generate the audit report automatically while still on-site including score summaries, findings and attached evidence such as images.



Improve collaboration with your suppliers

Seamlessly collaborate with suppliers.

  • Enable suppliers to enter their self-audit results as background data.
  • Share findings summaries with the supplier while still on-site.
  • Invite suppliers to enter their corrective actions and plans into the online audit summaries.
  • Have complete visibility of the status of each corrective action.
  • Review and approve the corrective actions without delays.

supplier quality audit








Store all data and reports centrally and securely  

Store audit data securely in an ISO 27001 certified centralized digital repository with a complete trace of all audit updates. The data is backed up daily to a separate environment.  Strong passwords are required from the users, ensuring the security of supplier quality audit data.

Learn more about ISO 27001 certification and the security standards applied to our centralized digital repository at ISO 27001 Certification.



Analyse the KPIs and achieve continuous improvement

  • Provide easy access to the data for your favourite analytics tool, or use the visualization tools of Poimapper.
  • In Poimapper you can quickly generate bar, line and pie charts of any numeric or choice fields.
  • Compare suppliers, follow trends, and action completion statistics, which is essential for supplier quality audit.
  • Share the insights and use them as the basis for continuous improvement.




Elevate your supplier relationships, mitigate risks, and drive excellence in your supply chain. Contact us today to embark on a more efficient and effective approach to supplier audits.



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    Discover how companies are using Poimapper for supplier audits

    • All topics covered comperehensively
    • Interactive guidance and conditional checks during audits
    • Images, evidence attached and scores recorded on-site
    • Automatically generated audit reports
    • On-line sharing of findings summaries to suppliers
    • Self audits and corrective action plans directly by suppliers
    • Total visibility of the status of each corrective action