Mobile data collection that empowers your field workers and managers.

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Allows mobile users to collect, share, and visualize geographically tagged data in real-time.
We support teams in rural health care, industrial inspection, international development and market research.
How will you use Poimapper?

Monitoring & Evaluation

Poimapper mobile data collection solution is designed for monitoring of the status and progress of development program work in any area. Poimapper is optimized for NGO and international development program monitoring requirements, taking into account various rough field conditions.

Mobile Health

Poimapper is the perfect tool for flexible patient monitoring in field situations. Health Data can be easily transferred to central health records. The ability of mobile health workers, in particular in rural areas, to have full access to existing patient data on and off-line, and to send and receive updates directly from the field is critical for successful treatment.

Research & Inspections

Poimapper mobile data collection solution works great for mobile market research and mobile inspections in multiple contexts including research organizations, industrial quality monitoring and government regulatory inspections.


Plan International are adopting Poimapper for the monitoring and evaluation of their programs with a global framework agreement. Various development programs require a data collection solution that works with limited or no connectivity. Read more
We are cooperating with Karolinska Institutet to develop an end-to-end secure solution that is enabling on site health care practitioners to send patient information, including images and burn area diagrams, in real time to burn experts by using a mobile device. Read more
Infosys chose Poimapper to amplify the outcomes and manage development projects. Infosys runs extensive development programs in the areas of Healthcare, Education, Culture, Destitute Care and Rural Development. Read more