Digital supplier audits at Wabtec

Wabtec is a leading global provider of equipment, systems, digital solutions, and value-added services for the freight and transit rail sectors with over 27,000 employees in over 50 countries around the world.

The Challenge:

Wabtec has hundreds of suppliers all over the world, providing a wide variety of technologies such as Riveting, Gluing, Painting, Wiring, Welding, Machining, Assembly, Forging, Foundry, Radiography, Extrusion, Plating, PCBs, PCBA, Seals, and Plastics Injection.

The quality requirements are stringent, and hundreds of persons are involved in ensuring the quality of suppliers as well as internal operations.

Streamlining the process to achieve high consistency and completeness of audits, save time and overall visibility of the quality requires a comprehensive digital solution. Using standard Excel sheets is not good enough.

The App Solution

To achieve digital supplier audits Wabtec has converted the existing Excel templates for doing audits to smart checklists with Poimapper. They have made the globally defined templates available in the cloud service. As a consequence, Poimapper automatically installs the templates on the mobile app when the user logs in Android, iOS, or Windows devices.

Now the Wabtec auditor can do the actual audit offline, adding images, summarizing and scoring the results, and obtaining the signatures by all parties digitally while still on site.

Poimapper automatically downloads the earlier audits done by the user to the app. The auditor adds new audits using the + icon.

The streamlined process

The auditor can send the audit questions before the actual audit to the suppliers for recording their comments for each question applicable for their specific case. Logic has been added to the audit forms such that only applicable questions are asked based on the business unit doing the audit and the type of supplier involved.

If several auditors are involved, the lead auditors share the work by assigning the processes to separate auditors. Poimapper merges the results into one consistent report automatically as audits are being completed.

When the auditor classifies the audits based on suppliers and sites, Wabtec can compare supplier performance. The comparison can be done overall or per process and either based on averages or based on trends over time. The user can also easily transfer the data to analytics tools such as Power BI for further analysis.

The auditor can easily compare suppliers’ overall performance.

Benefits and Results

Digital supplier audits have several benefits:

1. Replace paper and spreadsheet templates with an easy-to-use app that guides effectively the audit process
2. Reduces time spent on audit execution, and reporting by up to 50 %
3. Automatically summarise the findings into an action table shared with the supplier
4. Enable suppliers to directly enter and update their plans and schedules to the cloud service
5. Real-time visibility and effective follow-up of corrective actions
6. Identify trends and compare performance across sites and suppliers
7. Reduce business risk and cost due to quality issues
Trends in process-specific requirements for improvements and corrective actions can be followed for instance per quarter.

Trends in process-specific requirements for improvements and corrective actions can be followed for instance per quarter.

With digital supplier audits, Wabtec does the audits with reduced effort and substantially improved results.


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