Digital pre-delivery inspections

Revolutionizing Quality Control: The Power of Digital Pre-Delivery Inspections


In an era of digital transformation, industries worldwide are leveraging technology to enhance efficiency, productivity, and overall performance. The machinery and complex equipment manufacturing sector is no exception, with digital pre-delivery inspections emerging as a game-changer in identifying, communicating, and resolving defects. In this blog post, we explore how the integration of digital tools into pre-delivery inspections offers a streamlined approach to defect detection, communication, and root cause analysis.

The Traditional Challenges of Supplier Defects:

Traditional pre-delivery inspections of machinery often involved time-consuming and manual processes. The identification of defects, communication with suppliers, and subsequent root cause analysis were intricate tasks that left room for human error and delays. As the demand for precision and efficiency in the machinery industry continues to grow, there is an increasing need for a more sophisticated and streamlined approach.

The Digital Advantage:

  1. Real-Time Defect Identification: Digital pre-delivery inspections allow for the immediate identification of defects through sensors, imaging, and data analytics. With Poimapper you can collect all these inspection results in real time and assign the found issues to the associated suppliers.
  2. Efficient Communication with Suppliers: Digital platforms enable seamless communication between manufacturers and suppliers. When a defect is identified, the information is instantly relayed to the supplier, facilitating a swift response. This real-time communication minimizes delays, accelerates the resolution process, and strengthens the collaboration between all parties involved.
  3. Data-Driven Root Cause Analysis: The digitalization of pre-delivery inspections allows for collecting comprehensive data on defects. Analyzing this data provides valuable insights into the root causes of issues, enabling manufacturers and suppliers to implement targeted corrective actions. This data-driven approach enhances the long-term quality of machinery by addressing underlying problems at their source.
  4. Enhanced Documentation and Traceability: Digital inspection tools facilitate the systematic documentation of defects, responses, and resolutions. This documentation ensures accountability and a historical record that can be invaluable for future reference, continuous improvement, and compliance purposes. In Poimapper, you can, for instance, summarize monthly findings per supplier and share these summaries with your purchasing department so they to work with the suppliers to identify the root causes.
  5. Integration with Quality Management Systems: With Poimapper digital pre-delivery inspection becomes part of the quality data collection, reporting, and management system. This streamlines the quality control process, allowing for a more cohesive and efficient workflow from inspection to delivery.

Implementing Digital Pre-Delivery Inspections:

  1. Invest in Digital Technologies: Embrace digital technologies such as sensors and digital checklists to enhance the capabilities of pre-delivery inspection processes.
  2. Collaborate with Suppliers: Establish open lines of communication with suppliers and encourage their participation in the digital inspection process. Collaborative problem-solving is key to resolving defects efficiently.
  3. Employee Training and Adoption: Provide comprehensive training for employees involved in the inspection process to ensure they are proficient in utilizing digital tools and interpreting the data.
  4. Continuous Improvement: Regularly analyze data from digital inspections to identify trends and areas for improvement. Implement changes in processes, supplier relationships, or technology to continuously enhance the effectiveness of pre-delivery inspections.


By leveraging advanced technologies and fostering collaboration between manufacturers and suppliers, the identification, communication, and resolution of defects can be achieved with greater speed and precision. Embracing digital transformation in pre-delivery inspections is not just a step forward; it’s a leap toward a future where machinery is built with precision, reliability, and efficiency.

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