Poimapper Now Available on Microsoft AppSource 

Espoo, Finland — January 5th, 2024  Pajat Solutions Ltd, today announced the availability of Poimapper on Microsoft AppSource, an online cloud marketplace providing tailored line-of-business solutions.

Poimapper offers mobile data collection and reporting solutions based on an advanced form builder combined with task tracking and mapping capabilities. With Poimapper, data can be collected and analyzed, for instance, when doing comprehensive supplier audits, pre-delivery inspections of complex products, or mapping various assets in an industrial production site. Poimapper enables effective and user-friendly collection of comprehensive, high-quality data, automated summary reports, and generation of customized documents, 20-40% of time spent during the collection and reporting process.

Pertti Lounamaa, CEO of Pajat Solutions, said, ”We are seeing a revolution in the need to collect and process on-site data and to improve performance by using advanced visualization tools such as Microsoft Power BI and feeding into AI engines. Poimapper addresses this need with the flexibility in forming exactly the kind of mobile data collection and processing needed by each company.”

Giovanni Mezgec, Vice President of Modern Work + Business Applications Field & Partner Marketing, Microsoft Corp., said, “We welcome Poimapper to AppSource, where global customers can find thousands of line-of-business partner solutions that work with the Microsoft products they already use. Thanks to trusted partners like Pajat Solutions Ltd, AppSource is part of a cloud marketplace landscape predicted to grow revenue 500% from 2022 to 2025.”

Our mission is to help organizations provide high-quality products and services to their clients based on comprehensive and reliable on-site data collected effectively. We offer the Poimapper cloud services with the main components being an advanced form builder, a data viewer for viewing and analyzing the data, a mobile app for on-site personnel to collect and update the data, a Teams app for updating tasks assigned to users, and an API to enable smooth integration with other IT systems. The main customers are companies needing on-site site data to achieve their service and quality targets.

 For more information:
Joonas Lounamaa, Pajat Solutions Ltd, +358207705120, joonas.lounamaa@poimapper.com


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