Enhancing Teamwork With On-Site Data Sharing

Enhancing teamwork with on-site data sharing

Traditionally on-site data is collected and sent either via emails or to a cloud service for later reporting purposes. However, increasingly it is critical that observations and action requests are shared in real-time with other on-site persons.

Without real-time sharing duplicate, overlapping data collection may happen as well as corrective actions are unnecessarily delayed.

Even if users can share data with emails, reading emails are often delayed until the receivers are at the desk or at least not doing on-site work. This leads to ineffective teamwork.

Therefor real-time push notifications are becoming increasingly used.

In Poimapper we have implemented real-time push notifications with the following features:

  • when a user is assigned a task, a push notification is immediately sent to the user’s device
  • when data downloaded by the user is updated by somebody else, if the app is on, the data is automatically updated, but if the app is not on, a notification is sent.

Example use cases of above are

  • inspections of products to be delivered to clients which need immediate corrective action before they can be accepted by the client
  • doing supplier on-site audit by a team of several auditors, to avoid overlapping work and synchronize results effectively.

Please let us know if you have any questions on this topic or want a demo.

Enhancing teamwork with on-site data sharing

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