Mobile Field Data Collection Now Optimized for Engineering Inspection

Mobile Field Data Collection now Optimized for Engineering Inspection

We have been busy refining our mobile field data collection solution to provide specific support for engineering site inspections by working extensively with one of Finland’s largest engineering company A-Insinöörit.

“We are pleased with the pragmatic approach in Poimapper. It gives us real-time visibility to various construction projects and thus makes our work easier and more effective. We are looking forward to building our toolbox further and to offering better service to our clients.”
– Olli Saarinen, Technical Director, A-Insinöörit Oy

Five new key requirements from our collaboration are:

1) Preconfigure inspection forms with site data.
Organize data by sites and then populate the relevant forms with general site information such as address, type of inspections to do, design diagrams, inspection guideline documents etc..

2) Incremental data collection.
Inspectors are able to download the existing data and then: do all the specified inspections; store results as draft documents; and continue perhaps the next day until the inspection are completed for the current phase and then upload the site inspection.

3) Revise inspection data during follow-up inspections.
Another inspector is be able to download the site inspection results to their device; review inspections done so far in a summary page and then continue the inspection work by adding more inspections or revising already done inspections.

4) Annotate site diagrams with data.
While doing inspections the observations can be added to an overall site diagram showing the actual place on the diagram where each inspection was done. The diagram can be interactive and live in the device, so that any inspections done so far are visible via the diagram.

5) Create reports.
The engineering company  is able to produce a final report in Word format from all the inspections with customized style and layout. Before sending the final report to the client final corrections and edits may be done.

With these features supported by Poimapper, we can help engineering companies across the globe to serve their customers more efficiently and successfully. We are already seeing interest in this in Europe, USA and Asia and hope to serve this market increasingly during 2015.

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