Plan International Mobile Data Collection Programs

Plan International mobile data collection programs

Founded over 75 years ago, Plan International is one of the oldest and largest children’s development organisations in the world. In 2013, Plan worked with 78 million children in 90,229 communities. Plan International have adopted Poimapper for monitoring and evaluation of their development programs across the globe. With Poimapper Plan personnel are able to collect, analyse and share real-time information from the field, make informed decisions and allocate resources accordingly. GPS location, timestamp and images associated with the survey data can be viewed with a customised program portal.

Examples of Plan International programs with Poimapper:

Plan Thailand: Health and treatment monitoring of patients in rural areas, more information: [Plan Thailand Project]
Plan Philippines: Natural disaster and related actions monitoring and assessment, data collection for future response plans
Plan Indonesia: Data collection for birth registration purposes
Plan Nepal: Data collection for education development
Plan Malawi: Health and treatment monitoring of patients in rural areas
Plan Cameroon: Education development program monitoring and evaluation
Plan Sudan: Natural disaster and related actions monitoring and assessment
Plan Burkina Faso: Mapping of critical infrastructure, such as water points, health centers and schools, for planning and budget allocation purposes
Plan Bolivia: Monitoring and evaluation of early childhood care and development programs

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