NGO’s Benefitting from Mobile Data Collection

NGO’s benefitting from Mobile Data Collection

Plan Thailand got a prize for the Most Innovative Use of Technology and Social Media at this year’s Global Awards, an annual ceremony held to recognize the best of Plan’s work around the world. Plan Thailand has used Poimapper’s mobile data collection solution for some time now and we are glad to see they are getting recognition inside their organization for the beneficial use of technology. It is important to notice that new technology can bring efficiency to NGOs’ important work. Better visualization of field data can help with program funding as well as helping the actual cause.

This is what Plan Thailand wrote about Poimapper’s use after winning the prize. “Firstly, it eliminates traditional pen-and-paper-based surveys and means there is no waiting for data to be manually entered. There are fewer errors as no data needs to be retyped and there’s no need to carry paper to remote locations. All of this means more efficient field work while collected data can be analyzed and shared in real-time. It also cuts costs. Initial investment in phones and service fees aside, there are reduced travel costs, fewer working hours spent gathering and inputting data, and less paper used.”

More about the prize at Plan Thailands website.

NGO’s Mobile Data Collection

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