Point Of Interest Mapper, Poimapper

Original concept: Point of Interest mapper

In 2010 when we were looking for a name, we wanted a name that would describe what the solution does.  A key requirement for the first use cases we addressed was to record the location of the collected data.  The client needed to know the location of schools, households, water points, etc. in areas that did not have addresses. At that time being able to record GPS data with basic mobile phones was a novel feature. Thus, highlighting that feature of the service was a natural choice for us.

Over the years the client requirements have become more varied. Thus, we have developed Poimapper as a more general data collection and reporting tool than a location mapper. In some of our cases, the location of the data might not be relevant. Instead, the users may analyze the data for example using tables and charts.

Rich data, logic, and calculations play an increasing role

Whether the location is relevant or not, digital data collection allows users to collect much richer data than would be possible with a pencil and paper. You can attach images, and locations, add digital signatures, read QR codes, etc directly to the data instead of separately collecting those elements and adding them afterward to the reports. In addition, being able to include conditional logic and on-site calculations is playing an increasing role in data collection. With Poimapper you can also automatically combine the collected in predefined ways and share immediately.

Even with these much richer data and reporting possibilities, Point of interest (POI) mapping is still a key feature. Whether you need the location of the data or not  Poimapper is a comprehensive and flexible solution for data collection and reporting. Therefore, you can customize it to the specific needs of any organization that is looking for a way to collect, share, monitor, and analyze field data.

If you see a need to monitor and analyze your operations in the field more efficiently, please contact support@poimapper.com

PS. A point of interest, or POI, is a specific point location that someone may find useful or interesting.

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