Use Case: Inovus Solar – Improved Collaboration Between Engineers and Project Managers

Use Case: Inovus Solar – Improved Collaboration Between Engineers and Project Managers

Inovus Solar is empowering communities with the help of Poimapper™.

It is a solar developer helping communities deploy Community Solar projects quickly, easily, and at NO COST to a city or community members. Unlike your traditional solar farm, rooftop, or carport solar projects, Inovus’ unique approach to Community Solar utilizes existing infrastructure i.e. light poles, traffic lights, bridge beams, and transforms them into solar-electric generating systems. By utilizing existing infrastructure, Inovus Solar can offer an affordable, unique and innovative solar option to communities everywhere.

In order for Inovus LocalSolar™ projects to be successful, each individual light pole’s characteristics need to be captured, recorded, and mapped to determine the structural feasibility. By simply using a mobile phone, Poimapper™ allows Inovus Solar to quickly record each pole’s details, take pictures, and map its GPS coordinates. Once the pole details are gathered, the field technician instantaneously uploads the data to the cloud making mobile phones the most powerful tool in the toolkit.

“The program helps eliminate field errors and vastly improved the quality of our data collection process which is critical to our success. Just as important, it has also improved our collaboration between our Engineers and Project Managers giving the team instant access to the data” – Norma Peralta, VP of Services, Inovus Solar

By recording the GPS coordinates, Poimapper™ also allows Inovus to keep track of each light pole that has been transformed to a solar-electric generating system to help manage maintenance and field support calls.

“We know exactly where each of our assets are located and what they look like. Thanks to Poimapper™ we can respond to support issues efficiently and implement strategic maintenance plans using the coordinates and asset pictures we’ve collected” – Norma Peralta VP of Services

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