Simplifying Machine Calibration Scheduling with Poimapper

In the manufacturing industry, machinery must function properly to achieve consistent quality output. Regular calibration of machines is necessary to ensure their performance is accurate and predictable.

Fortunately, Poimapper offers a user-friendly solution for scheduling calibration events. The process begins by establishing specific intervals for scheduling based on the type of machine. To improve efficiency, machines can be grouped according to their type, and one scheduling event can be created for each group, or even per site if needed. In some cases, it might be necessary to create multiple groups per machine type if machines were installed or maintained at different times.

In Poimapper, each machine is defined as a data point and assigned to a calibration group. Calibration events are then defined and linked to relevant machines by filtering them based on their groups. When setting up a calibration event, you can choose the option for automatic repetition, which generates future calibration events based on the specific calibration interval for each machine type.

Once an event is scheduled, it appears on the list of scheduled events for the person responsible for managing calibrations. When the scheduled date arrives, the responsible person changes the event’s status from “scheduled” to “ongoing” and assigns the calibration task to the appropriate individuals.

The person performing the calibrations records the results on the machine’s data points and updates the most recent calibration date. Using the defined calibration interval for each machine type, the system automatically calculates the next calibration date for each machine.

For convenience, an automatic alert can be activated to notify the calibration manager once a calibration is completed. This information can also be monitored through Poimapper’s table view or by accessing the specific calibration event, which provides an overview of the machine statuses within the event’s machine group.

Once all machines in the event’s machine group have been calibrated, the calibration event’s status is changed to “done” by the manager. At this point, a calibration report can be generated for certification and archiving purposes.

By utilizing Poimapper, the calibration scheduling process is streamlined and automated. The system allows for easy production of summary reports and statistics from the database. All calibration results are conveniently accessible, whether for certification or during client visits, ensuring a seamless calibration management experience.

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